Business insurance is cover that protects a business against a range of losses that can impact on the business during its operations.  Cover can vary depending on the policy but can include the following items:

  • Property damage
  • Theft
  • Legal liability insurance
  • Loss of turnover cover
  • Various employee related risks.

Features of Business Insurance

  • Tailored specifically for the risks facing businesses
  • Covers a range of business risks
  • The risks will largely depend on the nature of the business so the policy and cover is customized to suit the insured’s risks
  • Typically the policy is in the name of the business

Advantages of Business Insurance

  • Protect the assets of the business against theft  and loss , assets covered include property , inventory and business vehicles.
  • It’s possible to protect the turnover of the business through business insurance , if the business suffers a loss through natural disaster or man-made disaster.
  • Business insurance can protect the business against claims from clients and the general public through public liability insurance.
  • Businesses are tasked with assuming a level of risk in order to generate a profit. Using business insurance enables the management of a business to manage risks over which they have limited control.

Disadvantages of Business Insurance

  • The insured may not be fully indemnified for the full extent of the losses suffered. In some cases depending on the policy condition an excess will apply.
  • In some cases the premiums may be excessive in relation to the potential losses , so it may make sense to self-insure these losses.

Generally speaking the advantages of business insurance far outweigh the disadvantages and its important always consider all the factors before making a decision. It may be advantageous to discuss options with a insurance adviser before making a decision.

How To Apply for Business Insurance

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