Home Owners Insurance is cover that protects an insured’s home against losses or damages to the physical property and the contents of the home. Typical damages that the insured is protected against include fire and natural disasters like flood.  The content of the home is also protected against these losses and also includes protection against theft.

Features of Home Owners Insurance

  • Covers the physical structure against damages
  • Protects the contents of the home against theft
  • Also provided cover for portable items , these need to be specified
  • Cheaper to bundle building and content insurance under the same policy

Advantages of Home Owners Insurance

  • Protects the insured’s biggest investment – their home
  • Premiums are very affordable especially when viewed against the potential loss and the financial impact.
  • Banks require home owners insurance when providing a home loan

Disadvantages of Home Owners Insurance

There are no real disadvantages to having adequate home owners insurance. Premiums are relatively cheap far outweighing the possible upside of self-insuring the risk.

How to Qualify for Home Owners Insurance

  • The insured needs to be over 18 years old
  • For building insurance the insured needs to be a property owner
  • For content insurance you need to be either a renter or an owner

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